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Tales of a self-proclaimed wiseman

I left my brain inside of my other head...

Mike Iacobucci
18 February 1985
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I will try to keep this journal up to date...if I find something interesting to write.
1984, 24, ale, alice in chains, alkaline trio, american history, animal farm, anti-math, arrested development, at the drive-in, bad horror movies, battlefield 1942, beer, blur, bob dylan, books, boondock saints, bret hart, buddhism, buddy rich, carter beuford, catch-22, charles bukowski, cheap horror movies, cheese, civil rights, claude coleman, coffee, conan o'brien, concerts, cult classic films, danny carey, dave brubeck, dave hamilton, dave weckl, david letterman, dayton, deftones, dennis chambers, desert combat, dogs, dr. strangelove, dream interpretations, drinking, drums, edgar allen poe, ego psychology, evil dead, family guy, geo metro, george orwell, ghostbusters, grosse pointe blank, hinduism, homestar runner, interactive fiction, jack kerouac, jager bombs, john steinbeck, jon stewart, kurt vonnegut, late night tv, literature, live music, local authors, local bands, local shows, louis armstrong, memento, miles davis, monty python, muse, music, neal peart, non-american history, office space, ohio, old video games, onegoodmove, parties, platoon, playing music, politics, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, radiohead, raymond carver, reading, ring of honor, se7en, seinfeld, shakespeare, shaun of the dead, simpsons, sleep, sonic youth, sonor, sparta, spoon, stand up comedy, super furry animals, tama, taproot, text games, the beats, the clash, the dave brubeck quartet, the dismemberment plan, the flaming lips, the jam, the onion, the things they carried, thrice, thursday, tim o'brien, titus, tool, trail of dead, ud, video games, war movies, weezer, yo la tengo